Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adcom System is Alive


Well, I finally have a system assembled in working order. It consists of a GTP-350 Pre-Amp purchased from Ebay, a GTP-535 Amp purchased locally, an old Pioneer Single Disc CD Play, and an old PowerBook that is connected to the Pre-amp providing access to my iTunes library and FLAC recordings. I'm using a set of Sony tower speakers and in search of something with a little more quality.

I bought a set of high-end analog interconnects for the pre-amp to amp and cd player to pre-amp connections (in transit).

All-in-all a good system so far. Here's a picture, not the best, from my iPhone.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Man it's Cold...

Hello All,

After a day of warm temperatures in the mid-atlantic old man winter is on his way back. Not having an inside permanent station setup has brought my radio time down to near zero. I got on for a few hours last Friday, after fabricating a window pass through for my cables only to discover that the recent solar flares were wrecking havoc on my tiny 5 watt signal. So, with my radio time down and my boat up for the winter I've taken on a new quest. It is to assemble a vintage (circa late 80's early 90's) solid state audiophile grade stereo system. I've zeroed in on using all Adcom gear and starting with a small 2-channel system for my soon to be new reading room / office and then maybe moving up to a multi-channel system for my family room.

To accomplish this I've been scavenging both e-bay and craiglists for possible deals. I've won two actions (1) for a Adcom GFA-535 100W Power Amplifier and another for a GTP-350 Pre-Amplifier. Today, I received the GFA-535, took it out of the box and it appears to need a little TLC. So, while not a radio it is an amplifier in need of some electronics assistance. From a few searches on the Internet (luckily it came with the service manual) it looks like this might just be the case of some old and tired fuses. I'm off to radio shack tomorrow to buy a few replacement parts and give it a try. The pre-amp will go out fedex tomorrow, it was sold in "working-order", so with any luck it may be here early next week.

Keep checking back for updates on my latest project.