Wednesday, March 4, 2009

System Block Diagram

Hello All,

I wanted to post a block diagram of my current setup.  The center of the system is an ICOM-735 HF Transceiver.  As my primary mode today is PSK-31, I'm using a Rigblaster NoMIC as an audio interface and keying mechanism for the radio transmit.  My current antenna is a Radiowavz 20M dipole fed by ~50' of COAX at 12'.  I've been experimenting with both Digipan 2.0 and HRD DM780 for my PSK31 software.  Although Digipan is much simpler to work with, DM780's features are impressive.  Next time I'm on the air, I will post a screen cap of the DM780 waterfall interface.  My typical power level is between 10-20W, which I've been successful with both state side and international contacts.

Stay tuned for more.


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