Friday, May 8, 2009

IRLP Resources


Well I'm down in NC at my in-laws for my sister-in-law's engagement party. I took my VX-150 HT with me to try to "phone home" using Internet Radio Linking Protocol (IRLP).

I looked up the local repeaters in Greensboro, NC and found that W4GSO had a 2M repeater online that was IRLP linked. After fiddiling with DTMF tones a few times a local ham called back and asked if I needed any help. It turns out that the computer attached to the repeater crashed and the IRLP link was down. So, better luck next time. Fourtantely, I did find some great links / resources on IRLP, my links are as follows: - Realtime list of IRLP nodes online (I wish I found this first) - Map of IRLP nodes with radio interfaces (repeaters and simplex links) - Generic information on how to interface your radio with DTMF tones to the IRLP system


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