Monday, February 16, 2009

My First QSO

Frustrated with trying to get the MP1 to load up and dealing with the tiny SWR meter on the Icom 735, I broke down and made my 3rd good purchase. For $16 including shipping I bought a radioshack SWR/Power meter, 100' of RG8 Coax, and a low-pass filter on Ebay. The new meter with a much larger display aloud me to tune to the MP-1 and get it to finnaly resonate (with a decent SWR).

So, my setup was as follows: MP-1 (in my garage), attached to the Radioshack meter, attached to the ICOM-735 with a Rigblaster NOMIC attached to my laptop running Digipan 2.0. Low and behold I made my first QSO to the Midwest (I since have now begin using for logging and QSL card management). Running about 20W I got out in the dark around 8:00pm EDT on 20M.

Finnaly success!

On to the next chapter....


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