Monday, February 16, 2009

The New Plan and Way Forward

Now that we are all caught up with the story to date, let's recap what has worked well.

ICOM 735 - Paid $90 - Great Purchase
RADIOWAVZ 20M Dipole - $42 w/Shipping from Ham Radio Warehouse (HRO) - Great Purchase
Rigblaster NOMIC - $50 from HRO - Great Purchase
Radioshack SWR/Power Meter w/ Extra stuff - Paid $16 on Ebay...Great Purchase

MFJ Travel Tuner - Paid $100 from HRO - Still in the Box
MP-1 - Although I made my first QSO with this antenna, it was difficult for a new ham - Paid too much $180 w/80M coil and replacement 10' Whip.

Going forward, my current plan is to get sometype of push up pole tower (comments welcomed), like the MFJ fiberglass 32' latching pole (to get my dipole up higher), either full size or shortned 40M diple, and a smaller form factor HF radio (the 735 is a little heavy for portable work).

My new plan is to assemble a station that will fit in a backpack (including the computer and excluding the push up mast). So, regardless of if I want to take it out to my backyard, on my boat, or on a trip its in a small form factor and ready to go (comments welcomed). For now I'm sticking with PSK-31, it is easy to get setup, easy to log, and a lot of fun (which is the most important part).

So, I'm now focused into working the United States and reducing the foot print of my station and improving its mobility.


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