Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Portable at the Beach

Hello All,

Another good day at the beach and I also managed to pick up a few more contacts. This afternoon I setup and then moved my MP-1 at an attempt to clear some of the QRM. In doing so, my SWR changed resulting in a non-optimized configuration. I used my MFJ-259B to tune my MP-1 antenna to a reasonable match for 20M. I've included a You Tube video of the 259B, the MP-1, and finally the FT-817 showing no SWR bars while operating PSK-31. Upon making my adjustments I made contact with WB2MIC of Vermont. I apologize for the lack of narration, however the preceding text captures the essence of the video.

My portable setup is as follows:
Radio: Yaesu FT-817
PSK Interface: Rigblaster NOMIC
Antenna: MP-1
Accessory: MFJ-259B Antenna Analyzer




  1. Thanks for posting your blog address to eham. I've enjoyed browsing your page.
    73 de KG4WRM
    Sam in Seneca, SC

  2. Thank you.