Monday, August 3, 2009

Ten Meters: Alive and Well in Maryland

Hello All,

Yesterday afternoon I discovered the world of 10M, as it was alive and well in the Mid-Atlantic. The Ten-Ten Summer Phone contest provided a good amount of activity on the band. I worked stations both in Oklahoma and Illinois on a good skip into the Mid-West. N9ETH (Brian) of Waliconda, IL using his IC-706MkIIg had a great signal into my QTH and sounded like he was sitting at the table with me having a conversation.

I used my MP-1 which I tuned with my MFJ-259B and ICOM 735 running at 80W.

With any luck, the 10M band will be open for next weekends QSO party in MD. Look for me on the 20M and perhaps 10M bands operating as KB3LMC at my home QTH.



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